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I am located in the high potential market or shopping center of the store or the department of the customer and the size is min. 50m² full. It remains the same as the Milano Denso stores.

A bank letter of guarantee is required for forward purchases. Special dealers discounts are applied during cash purchases.

Bayilere exclusive, product exchange and seasonal discount products are entitled. Reduced products are given as a priority to customers. All Dealers must belong to the same product range and concept proportional to m². Special discounts, which are approved by the head office and received from unaffiliated firms during foreign purchases, are also reflected in the franchisees.

All the supporters, from dealer to opening, to showcase design, store order, are presented from Ardem Fur Home. (Nabim V3) is made by the center for all information transfers and predicates. Benefits from private sales contracts and campaigns with banks. If the dealership conditions above are fulfilled, an agreement will be made with the visual announcements that our company will make.

For Reseller Application and Documents: Please send an e-mail to